2019 Majors Champion Mets!!!!

Posted by Info Man on Jun 11 2019 at 04:22AM PDT

The Mets beat the Twins 3-2 in extra innings at Lajoie Field on Saturday, June 8th to win the Nashua Little League Majors Championship. In the deciding game, the Mets were led by Mario Ramirez on the mound. Ramirez also hit the game winning, walk off single that scored Ben Kelly to secure the victory. Key defensive stops by Brian Keefe, Aidan Rocheville and Connor McGowan, along with aggressive base running from Nick Dias helped to secure the win for the Mets. Sam Woodward pitched two strong innings in relief to close out the victory. In the game, and throughout the season, the Mets received key contributions from Luis Santana, Peter Fraser, Matt Shaw, Louis Ortiz and Alex Egbuonu.
The Twins, who were led by Grant McCubrey, Taylor Joyal and Carter Provost, battled throughout a tight game and a competitive playoff series.
The Mets were coached by Brian McGowan, Thom Kelly and Jeff Woodward.