Pitch Count Rule & Mandatory Rest Days

Posted by Greater Nashua Little League President on May 01 2018 at 05:25AM PDT in 2018 Season

Pitch Count Limits Per Game:

11-12-year-olds: 85 pitches*
9-10-year-olds: 75 pitches
7-8-year-olds: 50 pitches*

  • 12-year-olds shall not pitch in the Minors
  • 7-8-year-olds shall not pitch in the Majors

Required Rest Days:
0-20 pitches: 0 days **
21-35 pitches: 1 day
36-50 pitches: 2 days
51-65 pitches: 3 days
66+ pitches: 4 days

  • Continuation rule: If a pitcher reaches the pitch count limit for any threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until the batter reaches base, the batter is retired, or the third out is made to complete the half-inning. Example: A 9-year-old pitcher begins an at-bat having thrown 34 pitches. That pitcher then throws three more pitches before the batter grounds out to end the inning. The pitcher has now thrown 37 pitches, but the threshold reached was 21-35 since that is where the pitcher was when the at-bat began. Assuming the pitcher does not continue to pitch in that game, he/she would only need 1 rest day. That also means that a 9-year-old pitcher may start an at-bat having thrown 74 pitches, and does not need to be removed upon throwing the 75th pitch. That pitcher may remain in until the batter he/she is facing is retired, reaches base, or the inning is ended, even if it results in throwing more than 75 pitches.
  • 0 days means that there needs not be a rest day in between the day the game was played and the next game. It does not mean that the player can pitch again in the same day. Any player who delivers a single pitch is no longer eligible to pitch again in any other game that day.


  • Any pitcher, upon delivering his/her 41st pitch in a game, shall no longer be eligible to play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day.
  • Any catcher, upon receiving a single pitch in his/her 4th inning of play as a catcher, shall no longer be eligible to enter the game as a pitcher for the remainder of that day.
  • In the event of a suspended game that is resumed on another day, pitchers of record at the time the game was suspended may be allowed to pitch to the extent of their eligibility for that day if they have rested the proper amount of days.

It is solely the responsibility of the Manager to ensure compliance with these rules. Parents should consider the risk of injury to their child and inform the Manager of any other pitching activity the player has performed, such as pitching in a school game, or for a private team outside of Little League.